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An Introduction To Natural Stone Flooring

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Natural stone flooring is durable, aesthetic, elegant, and quite versatile in its design capabilities. It is a popular tile flooring choice because of the properties of natural stone – more enduring, it resists attrition, can last against constant use. This is a versatile tile flooring can be used in every place of your home from bathrooms, kitchens, walkways, around the pool, and are available in a multitude of designs to suit any need.

Advantages Of Stone Flooring


Natural stone tiles can be porous, which can leave it vulnerable to water and other liquid spills. Certain stone tile are more porous than others. For example, limestone and travertine tiles are less absorbent that sandstone but more absorbent the granite. For most natural stone tiles, applying a sealant is recommended or the tiles are polish or honed before they are put up for sale to help reduce their absorbency further.

Stain Resistant

Because natural stone tile requires a sealing treatment, it is protected against stains and scuffs as well as against water or liquid spills. To maintain the tile appearance and protection, sealants are typically replied once every year.


Moreover, natural stone tiles come in a great variety of colors, finishes, textures, and sizes. Because they are cut from the earth and not manufactured, each piece, each design is entirely unique – no one room, wall, floor, or outdoor are will look exactly the same.

Another aspect of versatility of stone flooring is that it gives a natural feel and warmth and it can be used in almost any space. Natural stone tiles work well in elegant, rustic, or modern designs.

Different Types Of Stone

Marble Tile And Pavers

Marble is a resistant stone, it is impermeable and easy to clean. Because of its desirable design, especially in settings that wish to exhibit sophistication and elegance, it does tend to be one of the more expensive tiles pieces. Marble can be slippery when wet so it is important to ensure the proper finish is considered before buying as well as sealants and other accessories (like rugs or mats) should be considered in the room design.

Limestone Tile And Pavers

Limestone is a sedimentary rock that is formed in the warm and shallow sea waters. Its form is rectangular, thick and sometimes it has fossil fragments or color bands. Its natural aspect gives it an ideal usage in homes, hotels, and lobbies where warmth and welcoming are common themes. The installation of limestone tiles requires a special treatment and maintenance; however, because of its aesthetic value it is worth it to many buyers.

Travertine Tile And Pavers

Travertine tiles have a beige tonality and is more popular for rustic themes but can provide a sense of elegance or look well in modern designed homes. Travertine is a medium porous tile, so it may require sealing depending on where you wish to place it.


Natural stone flooring has some advantages, particularly speaking it gives beautiful natural looking designs that you can’t find in other synthetic materials. However, you need to consider several things, where you want to use it, the maintenance it requires, and what other elements you want to have in that specific room. Natural stone tiles can be used in both outdoors and indoors spaces and are popular tile options for both.

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