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Before You Buy: What You Need To Know About Travertine

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Whether you are a person who is interested in buying a new home or you are looking to make an upgrade to your current one, adding quality materials that can give a majestic look can really make a difference. The right tile material can make your home take on a regal look, a contemporary one, or provide a rustic appeal.

One way you can accomplish this is through the use of travertine flooring tiles. They will give your bathroom, kitchen, entryway, or other location in your house the look you’ve always wanted.

What Is Travertine Tile?

The likelihood is that you have seen travertine before but haven’t really pieced together that that’s exactly what you are looking at. This may make you wonder what exactly it is.

Travertine is a form of porous limestone that gets its look because of the different temperature and pressure in which it is treated. This is usually formed near hot springs or geysers and is often used in the construction industry, usually winding up in people’s bathrooms or front entry ways because of the fantastic way that it looks.

Since travertine is porous, a special sealant has to be applied to ensure that water or other materials do not seep into the tile. This protects it from liquids, dust, and debris.

Colors of Travertine Tile

The colors of polished travertine tiles depend on many factors. It starts with temperature and pressure, which will cause the limestone to become denser which will have an effect on color. However, not all travertine is made of the exact same composition of limestone. This is why you may find colors such as walnut, gold, silver, or pearl.

Styles of Travertine Tile

These stones can be used in a variety of ways. It really depends on where you are installing it and what exact look you desire. The primary styles fall into one of three categories:

Tile – tiles are usually about 3/8” thick and are installed over mud. This is most commonly found indoors.

Mosaic – these are small pieces of travertine that range in length from 1 inch up to 8 inches. They are combined with other shapes and sizes to give a unique and stylish look.

Pavers – this travertine stone is about 1 ¼ inch thick and is installed over sand. This is usually what is positioned around a pool, used in driveways, or in patios.


The finish of the stones is what really separates them from one another. This not only helps to protect the stone, but also enhances specific colors or gives it a different form of beauty. The primary four varieties of finishes include:

Honed – this style is mostly used inside houses and has a smooth surface that is flat and provides a minimal amount of shine, something that works perfectly inside a home.

Brushed – this style comes with a rough texture and matted finish. It gives a more antiquated look.

Polished – this style is smooth to give a reflective surface that is very much like marble you are likely to find this finish used most often in commercial areas such as businesses or museums.

Tumbled – this finish is commonly used in outdoor areas, such as around pools, where it provides a more ragged look but still does not have shine.

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