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Best Types of Natural Stone Tiles and Pavers

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While man-made and generic version of natural stone, like vinyl and laminate, and other flooring options, like wood, have their own set of advantages, they cannot compare in looks or durability of natural stone. Natural stone tiles and pavers are becoming more and more popular in today’s home design and remodeling plans. Here are 5 types of natural stone tiles that are favorites:

  1. Travertine

Travertine tiles are a big hit in Italy and the design trend has moved to the U.S. Travertine tiles are making their ways into American homes and businesses because of the unique coloring options that can blend with any design style. They also work well in large living areas, entryways, and lobbies where their style can be on display.

  1. Marble

Marble has always been connected with wealth and high-end architecture and has always been desirable. As a very durable stone, marble presents a multitude of uses and applications for business and in the home.

  1. Limestone

Limestone is very porous and requires sealing to keep the tile from deteriorating or discoloring. Once treated, limestone floors provide a unique and attractive look that is commonly paired with rustic designs.

  1. Slate

Slate is popular alongside rustic or industrial design looks, and with its nonslip texture make it a favorite in restaurants and home kitchens.

  1. Granite

Traditionally considered for its use as a durable and strong countertop, granite can be used in flooring settings. If properly maintained, granite can be a long-lasting aspect of your design.

There are many tile and stone retailers that can provide one or more of the above options. The most important thing to remember is that any natural stone can make a great addition to your space. They are long-lasting, durable, and aesthetically pleasing to match nearly any design plan.

Here at Harmony Stone we own and operate our own quarry and we produce exquisite quality and colorations of tiles, pavers, and pool copings made from natural Travertine and Marble. If you have any questions about natural stone tile or pavers – give us a call today!


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