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Can You Use Travertine Tiles In The Bathroom?

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Travertine Is An Excellent Choice For Your Bathroom

Decorating homes with natural stone is a modern trend in architecture and construction. Travertine is one such natural stone that gives off a look of luxury while creating an atmosphere of comfort and closeness to nature. With a variety of textures and range of colors, travertine tiles provide a wide range of applications throughout the home.

Travertine tiles can be used absolutely anywhere, starting with updating your flooring, applying them on your walls of the bathroom to backsplash in the kitchen edging the areas around your pool.

In this article we will be focusing on the benefits of travertine in the bathroom.

Travertine Tiles And Bathroom Design

Travertine is a proven and reliable building material, made from natural stone, it is durable and strong. Because it is cut from the Earth, travertine tiles come in different colors and markings – your bathroom is the ideal place to demonstrate its versatility.

For example, travertine mosaic tiles can create a beautiful design for the walls in the bathroom. Larger travertine tiles can create a magnificent geometric pattern that, in combination with the natural finish of the material, will turn any shower area into a work of art.

Add Naturalness To Your Design

Travertine has been used in many monumental buildings around the world. It represents a soft and natural elegance. Because of this, it is commonly used during the building modern homes and chic renovations. The hues of browns, beiges, and creams give travertine tiles a more earthy or natural appeal to them. These colors and effects they give pair well in homes with a country or rustic design, but the reds, silvers, and ivories of other travertine tile cuts also allows the tiles to blend well with other modern, chic, or industrial designs

What To Remember When Choosing A Travertine

One of the delights of this magnificent stone is its variety of colors and patterns, but it also has one drawback – travertine is a natural stone so it is porous. It is important to make sure you select travertine tiles for your bathroom that are already finished with a sealant or purchase a sealant to be added over the tiles during the installation process to prevent water from being absorbed by the tiles. Installation should be left to professionals with experience in this type of natural stone to ensure proper laying and sealing.

Once the tiles have been sealed, you’ll have the perfect tiles to design your bathroom – or other rooms in your home.


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