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Color Designs And Finishes Of Travertine Tile

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Color Options

Travertine tiles are naturally occurring stones. The main component found naturally in the tiles is iron. It is important to remember that travertine with iron as its main element is available in a wide variety of colors. However, all color options are earthy and neutral in tones. Let’s take a quick look at the color options you can find with travertine tiles.

  • Golden

Yes, you heard that right. You can actually find a travertine tile that looks like gold. But we are not talking about the impure gold. We are talking more golden in color like earthy soil shades of gold.

  • Creams

Cream and beige are another very common color option that you get with travertine tiles. It is important to remember that the type of cream shade you find will depend on the country where the travertine originates.

  • Red

When we say red, we are not referring to bright shades of red like blood red or pomegranate red. We are actually talking about more earthy shades of red like coral or pale orange.

Tile Finishes And Styles

The only variance is not in its colors, but also in the versatility of the tile’s finish and styles.

  • Polished

The polished tiles are ones that have a very smooth, seamless, and shiny texture.

  • Honed

Honed tiles are also very smooth and seamless on the surface. However, they lack any shine or gloss. Honed gives a matte effect to the tiles.

  • Tumbled

Another interesting style you can find with travertine tiles is tumbled which is a combination of gloss and matte finish. It gives more of an old-day or “natural” feel to the tiles.

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