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Installing French Pattern Travertine Tile

Harmony Stone Travertine French Pattern

French pattern travertine tiles are a great way to add a unique look to your home while also making a bold statement. This style of tile stands out from so many others because of the unique way in which each tile is positioned a flexible and varied pattern to break the stiff and repetitious patterns that are received with standard square tiles. French pattern travertine tiles are also known by the names “Versailles pattern” and “Roman pattern”. These patterns are made up of multiple pieces of tiles in varying sizes that when put all together create a distinct look not found with other types of tiles. Most tile suppliers will provide you with a do it yourself diagram for laying these style tiles, but you can also use these steps to properly lay French pattern travertine tile within your home:

Always measure first

You should never begin any flooring project without first measuring the area in which you need to lay the flooring. You will need to know the total square footage of the area you want to tile, so to find this measure the length and width of the area and multiply them. Your original measurements will most likely be in inches, which means the first total you arrive at when multiplying your measurements will be in square inches rather than in square feet. To convert square inches to square feet, divide the square inches total by 144. If the area you want to lay the tile in is not perfectly square, do your best to measure the square footage by visually breaking the area up into square areas and finding the square footage of each square section and then adding them together.

Use the right materials

You will obviously need to begin by choosing the French pattern travertine tiles that you will use in the area. Once you have your tile, you should then begin gathering the remaining materials you will need to properly install them. To complete your French pattern travertine flooring the right way, you will most likely need a backerboard and backerboard scoring knife, thinset and a thinset mixing paddle, a tile saw, a trowel, grout and a grout sponge, a 5-gallon bucket, ½ hp drill, chalk line, straight edge, and a grout and natural stone sealer.

Lay the cement bed

Once you have measured the area you want to tile and have gathered all the materials you will need, you will want to start by laying the cement bed first. The cement bed is what lies underneath the tile to provide a firm and stable surface for the tile. When doing your French pattern travertine tile laying yourself, it is probably easiest to use cement board for your cement bed.

Prepare the area with thinset

The thinset package should have instructions printed on it to tell you how it needs to be mixed. Once the thinset has been properly mixed, use the trowel to spread it evenly over the cement bed. Once the thinset has all been spread out, it needs to sit and cure for a minimum of 24 hours before you begin laying the French pattern travertine tiles down on it.

Finish with the tiles

After waiting for the thinset to cure, it is now finally time to lay your French pattern travertine tiles down and finish your flooring project. You will need to decide which pattern you want to lay the tiles down in and carefully draw the pattern out using the chalk line to form a guide you can follow when laying the tiles. Measure and cut each tile to fit into your design pattern appropriately and then lay them down on the grid. Once you are done laying your French pattern travertine tile and setting it with grout, you will need to seal it to protect it.

Now that you know how to lay French pattern travertine tile, contact the design specialists at Harmony Stone today to find the French pattern travertine tile that is right for your next design project.

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