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How To Make A Room Look Larger Using Tile

how to make a small room look bigger

While interior designers will tell you to use specific paint colors, bright lights, and clean lines to make a room appear to be larger than it actually is, you can also strategically use tile to make a room look larger than it is. That’s right, by choosing the right tile you can make your small space look larger. Here is what you need to know:

Choose the right size

The size of the tiles you choose will play a big part in how large your space appears to be. You may think that by fitting more small tiles into a small space it will make it seem like the area is larger because more tiles fit, however small tiles will actually have the opposite effect on a small space. Using larger tiles will make the room look less crowded and will thus make it look larger than it is. As an added bonus, the use of larger sized tiles has become more popular over the years, so using large tiles will also add a modern feel to your space. Using large sized tiles is particularly important when you are tiling both the floor and the walls with them, such as in a small bathroom. When choosing tiles for a small space, try to choose 18- or 24-inch tiles that do not have a heavy pattern in them. If you use large sized tiles that have a heavy pattern in them, it will be difficult to see the pattern in a small space and this will also make the space appear to be over-crowded.

Use grout wisely

When using tiles, grout is necessary to a proper installation. However, grout also breaks up the space visually into smaller pieces, so you want to use the least amount of grout necessary for your space. This is another reason why choosing larger sized tiles is best when using them in a small space – larger sized tiles require fewer grout lines. You can also minimize the effect grout has in your space by choosing a grout color that is the same or almost the same as the tiles you have chosen to obtain a clean and even look between your tile and grout.

Choose light shades

It’s a well-known fact that light colors make a small room appear larger, so you definitely want to choose light shades when selecting your tiles for a small space. Lighter colors are great at reflecting any amount of natural or artificial light in the room, and they also give the space a clean look that won’t feel too crowded. However, this doesn’t mean you have to stick to just white tile, there are plenty of other light shades to choose from such as light grays, beige, and even soft blues. But just because you are using light colors doesn’t mean your design has to be plain, you can complete the room by using different shades for the wall than what you choose for the floor.

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