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How To Select The Right Tile For Your Next Project

Do-It-Yourself tiling can be an exciting project but your options and the selections you have to choose from can be overwhelming. There are many flooring options available and when it comes to tile flooring, even more options within that category alone.

Harmony Stone is a Tampa tile company that primarily sells natural stone tiles – there are over 570 styles in stock and available for wholesale tile purchases for residential and commercial customers. So, you can imagine what you have in store for yourself when it comes to picking out a material, style, color, size, and texture of the tile flooring you need for your next DIY tiling project.

Luckily, the tile consultants from Harmony Stone have compiled a general list of tips on how to select the right tile for your tiling project.


When it comes to tiling floors – or even walls – it is important to not only consider the size of the area you plan to tile but the size of the tiles themselves. Smaller tiles, like mosaic tiles, are great for backsplashes in the kitchen or bathroom and can even make excellent patterned accents on the floor or walls between larger tiles. Larger tiles, especially those greater than 12”, can make a small room or narrow hallway seem larger. So, depending on the overall look of your space, the size of your tiles can add true value.

Of course, if you aren’t sure, take measurements and snap a few pictures of the are you will be putting down tile flooring and one of the Design Consultants at Harmony Stone’s tile store can help you pick the ideal tile size for your space.

Color and Style

Once you know which size tile you are interested in, your next big step is selecting the style and color of the tile you plan on installing. These two go hand in hand as the “style” of the tile is greatly affected by its color. Beige, browns, and soft reds often give off a more “rustic” style while silvers and golds are considered to be more “bold” or “contemporary”.

Whichever route you decide to go with, you’ll need to think about the colors or style theme in the room the tile will be going in and make sure the style and color of the tiles coordinate well with other aspects of the space like cabinets, countertops, fireplace, and bordering flooring in the room nearby.

You can change a whole room simply with the color and style of your tiles. Dark flooring can help tone down and already bright room while light-colored tile can help make a room appear brighter. Silvers or gold hued tiles can make a bold statement to visitors (or potential home buyers) while beiges and creams make it easy to coordinate color and style schemes throughout your home or office.


Not all tiles are smooth and natural stone tiles can provide you with more options of surface texture than many others. Finished, brushed, chiseled, unfinished, smoothed – there are many options available for natural stone tiles. Textured tiles aren’t just or patio areas or around the pool, bring them inside for a non-slip surface or to add some style to the room.


Natural stone tiles, although they require more maintenance than ceramic or porcelain tiles, are growing in popularity among homeowners and catch the eye of potential buyers. The reason is their durability. When you take care of natural stone tiles, they last well beyond the years of other materials and aren’t as prone to cracking or chipping like ceramic or porcelain tiles.

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