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Interesting Facts About Travertine Stone Tiles

What is Travertine?

Travertine is a naturally occurring stone. It is deposited naturally by heated hot springs through the geothermal process. You can normally find travertine around deposits of mineral spring. It is mainly formed as a result of calcium carbonate precipitation and is considered by many people to be a type of limestone. Some people like to refer to it as only limestone, but this isn’t fair to do so because it is not only limestone as far as its composition is concerned. If you want to be very particular in using its chemical (mineral) name to refer to it then you might just call it calcium carbonate stone.

How is Travertine formed?

The formation process of Travertine stone is rather fascinating. The minerals i.e. calcium carbonate dissolve in the ground water and then action is preceded in the water by natural springs.  The natural spring tides cause the groundwater to rise above the surface level. This results in the formation of Travertine stone. The stone that is obtained naturally is very majestic in size and usually in form of large blocks. It needs to be cut down into smaller portions for more practical implications – like as kitchen and flooring tiles.

‘Travertine’ has an Italian Origin

Italy is famously known as the country of origin for the Travertine stone as it is found in abundant quantities. If you are already familiar with that fact, then you must be a little less shocked to learn that the actual name Travertine is derived from the Italian word Travertino. Travertino originates from the Latin word Tiburtinus. This means that the term ‘Travertine’ is a combination of Italian and Latin (Roman) origins.

Coliseum in Rome: A remarkable example of the Travertine Stone

There are several popular monuments and buildings that have been constructed over the years with this amazing stone. One such example that will blow your mind is the world-popular Coliseum in Rome. It has been standing for centuries now. You will be shocked to find out that the main building material used in the construction of this building is Travertine stone.

There are many other famous examples of monuments and buildings that have been constructed using the Travertine stone. These notable examples include Burghausen Castle, Colonnade of St. Peter’s Square, Shell-Haus in Berlin, and the twentieth century Getty Center in Los Angeles.

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