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Latest Trend: Old Dominion Circle Patios

One common theme you will find in most houses is the rectangular design of backyard patios. There are a couple of reasons for this common occurrence. Firstly, with rectangular backyard patios, one can easily account for 90-degree corners during the planning phase of a patio, and secondly, it makes it easy to calculate square footage. Also, it can be difficult to implement a new patio layout when one doesn’t have any knowledge or experience in landscape design. So, in most cases, homeowners follow what they already know and stick with the rectangular backyard patios.

Old Dominion Circle Patios Are The New Trend

Homeowners looking to ditch their traditional wood deck or poured concrete patio usually do so by utilizing interlocking concrete pavers. The reason for this is that interlocking concrete pavers offer homeowners versatility in color, shape, and texture, which means homeowners have no restriction in creating any project they envision for themselves. Patio pavers have a way of adding value and curb appeal to your home, and it is essential you utilize an appealing trend if you want to stand out, and this is where circular patios come into play. While rectangular concrete pavers give you a traditional option, Old Dominion Circle Patios gives you the option to create a focal point for your yard.

If you are looking for something different, and trendy, then you should seriously consider Old Dominion Circle Patio designs. They are designed to give you the same eccentric feel you get from aesthetic cobblestone, and while providing you with a variety of options. You can utilize the circles as a centerpiece piece to accent your driveway, water fountains, or really, any and all of your projects. With a circular patio, you stand a chance to add something different and attractive to your home.

Want to see how Old Dominion Circle could will look in your backyard or front yard, then, give us a call, or contact us online, and we’ll be glad to show you the amazing benefits you can derive from this unique and eye-catching patio paver design.

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