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Maximize Your Space With Oversized Or Large Format Tile

Have a room in your home that has a small feel to it? An easy way to enhance the size (or the appearance of size) to the space without actually taking down any walls is to add tile to the wall. We don’t mean small backsplash or accent pieces, but large tile pieces or full panels of tile (pieces that take up the whole wall). Large tiles make a large impact and you’ll be glad you tried this growing home renovation trend.

What Classifies As Large Format Tile?

Large format tile, or LFT, is essentially any tile according to current standards that is larger than “normal”. What falls into the large format tile category can change as styles and design tastes change. For example, 10 years ago, small tiles were all the rage and a 12” floor tile was considered to be “large”. Now, 12” is practically the new standard size and large format tiles typically begin at 16” but can go as large as a panel of tile that can fit a wall (the 2018 Cersaie Tile Show had 10-foot tile panels on display!).

Benefits Of Large Tile In Your Home Or Business Design

Large tiles are extremely versatile. They can be used in flooring, countertops, in bathrooms, hallways, and along other walls. They make excellent accent pieces when complimented with a matching color scheme. For more boldness, use an opposing color scheme to really make your large tile pop!

Available in both square or rectangular pieces, large format tiles reduce the need (and hassle) to grout. As a result, there is no “break” in the tile design creating crisp and clear tile imagery. This also makes maintenance more of a breeze and less grout you have to worry about cleaning.

Large format tiles can make a room or space appear larger and more open. This is due to the continued, uninterrupted pattern. The tile appears to “stretch on” and so does the room.

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