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Pros and Cons of Marble Flooring

The words that best depict marble are slick, smooth, and rich. This delightful material has an extravagant look and has been used for quite a long time in sculptures and for the floors, roofs, and walls of royal residences, houses of worship, and other compositional gems.

Marble is a transformative natural stone and each piece is diverse in its shading and in the veining. Top of the line marble has delicate veining and an even shading palette and the look is delicate, rich, and exquisite. In spite of the fact that it was at one time a show of influence and riches, today marble is turning into a major piece of current homes everywhere throughout the world.

Regardless of marble’s history there are pros and cons to including marble in your space’s redesign.

Marble flooring comes in an extensive variety and it’s a perfect method to give your home or business a rich, in-vogue look.

  1. Shiny and Long-Lasting

There is a translucent quality and a radiant sheen to marble that is caught and reflected by the light shined on its surface. The excellence of marble is plain to see; however, did you know it likewise lasts for a considerable length of time? When proper care an maintenance of marble flooring is observed, your marble tiles can last for years to come.

  1. One Of A Kind

Marble floors transmit an extravagance and polish and give your home a lavish vibe and a feeling of loftiness which you cannot get with other flooring. Each bit of marble is cut from a larger section, so it carries the similar coloration of the original; however, when marble is cut into smaller floor tile-sized pieces, no two tiles have identical markings, there’s just a shallow similitude between them. This component is the thing that gives marble flooring its unique, desirable appearance.

  1. Shining Impressions Of Light

Since marble can be cleaned to a high sheen, it tends to shimmer and sparkles splendidly when in the presence of light. This is one reason why for a considerable length of time marble has been used as a medium for statutes and as a representation of wealth and power in palaces. This aspect can also help brighten rooms that have minimal natural lighting.

As with anything, Marble can come with a downside.

  1. It’s costly

Because of its highly desirable effect, marble can cost more per square foot than other natural stone or man-made products.

  1. Slipping and sliding

It could be a major error to tile your kitchen and restroom floors with marble. Whenever polished, or even just wet, marble tiles turn out to be inconceivably slippery. It’s best to limit marble to territories like the anteroom, such as a sitting room, living room, waiting room, or lobby.

  1. Stains and scratches

Marble, although it is a rock, is considered to be a soft rock and is susceptible to scratches or chipping if the ‘wrong’ conditions are met.  In the event that a seat or couch is pushed over the surface, scratches can happen. As for staining, marble is considered to be basic on the pH scale – which means that it does not react will to acidic products. This can include strong cleaners, cleaners that include citrus, or spilled citrus fruits. Sealers can help reduce the risk of scratches, scuffs, and staining and should be reapplied every 6-12 months.


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