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Rooms In Your Home That Should Always Be Tiled

One question we get asked often is “what rooms in my houseshould be tiled?” While it is possible to use tile in pretty much every room inthe house in some way, there are some rooms that should absolutely always betiled in every house. While tile may not always be a homeowner’s first choicefor their aesthetic preference, certain areas of the home need thefunctionality that tile provides, and there are so many options available whenit comes to choosing tile that there is a solution to satisfy almost everyone’svisual appeal. With both the durability that tile provides and the uniquepossibilities in design options, there truly is no reason to not be tilingthese specific areas of your home:

Exterior walkway and entrance

Your exterior walkway and entrance play a crucial role inthe initial impression made of your home and it’s curb appeal. Using tile topave these areas provide not only the durability they need to withstandchanging weather conditions, but also the opportunity to create a uniquewalkway and entrance that stands out from the rest of your neighbors.

Mudroom and interior entryway

You should also continue the tile from your exterior walkwayand entrance to your interior entryway and mudroom. Many homes in Florida don’thave a mudroom, but some newer homebuilders are adding such rooms to theirfloorplan designs. Regardless of whether your home has a mudroom designated asa place of entry, or simply an entry hallway area, these areas are usually usedto store dirty shoes upon entering the home from outdoors. Because of this,most of the dirt that is carried in to our homes from outside remains in theseareas. Because it is a lot easier to clean dirt off of tile than it is to getit out of carpet, tiling these areas just makes sense.

Rooms exposed to excess water

There are many rooms in our home that are exposed to largeamounts of water on a daily basis – such as the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundryroom. Tile is a great choice for any room in the home that is consistentlyexposed to water because it is easy to wipe dry and is durable enough to withstandthe damage that water can cause. Because of this, it has become extremelypopular to incorporate tile into rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom as muchas possible – homeowner’s aren’t only using it on their floors in these rooms,but also on their walls as backsplashes and shower walls.

If you are working on updating one ofthese areas in your home and are thinking about adding tile into your design,contact the knowledgeable design specialists at Harmony Stone to discuss yourdesign options today.

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