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Uses Of Travertine Tiles

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Travertine is definitely a highly favored choice of stone. It is a preferred choice of material for floorings in residential and commercial setups. Its durability is one of the main reasons why it is being used for centuries now in construction, architecture, and decoration.

Travertine Tile Designs

One of the most popular use of travertine tiles if for flooring purposes. Little would you know but there is a long list of flooring style options available to choose from when it comes to travertine floors. We take a look at each one individually below.

  • French Pattern Floors

If you want to give your floor a very antique feel and look, the French pattern floors are the best style to opt for. It is an ideal choice of flooring for indoors and outdoors too. It is a design style comprised of using several different sized tiles from small squares to large rectangular pieces.

  • Antique Travertine Floors

Next on the list is antique travertine floor that is also known as meandros patterns. It is similar to the French flooring technique and is great for earthy appearance.

  • Standard Floors

This is the most commonly sought-after travertine flooring. It is normally used in bathrooms and pool sides because of its non-slippery texture.

  • Spiral Floors

The spiral floors are more of the modern version of travertine floors. They are used for decorative purposes and are also favored because they visually add more space to the settings.

  • Herringbone Pattern Floors

Another addition on the list is herringbone pattern floors. These are similar to spiral floors in pattern and layout.

Maintenance of travertine floors

Travertine floors are very durable, but they require proper care and attention. The only way to make sure they look good and remain in good condition over the years is to follow these tips.

  • Clean them regularly
  • Prevent them from getting in contact with acidic substances
  • Get an external coating of sealant or polish for protection and reapply as directed

Usage Areas Of Travertine Tiles

You might wonder what the areas in your house are where you can use travertine tiles. Here is a list of possible areas for use.

  • Hallways And Lobbies

One of the main areas to use travertine tiles is the main lobby or corridor. It is a great option to bring luxury to your house or place of business at first look.

  • Bathroom

Next on the list is bathroom. Travertine tiles are being used on bathrooms for centuries now. In fact, bathrooms were one of its earliest uses.

  • Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the commonest areas for travertine uses. The opportunities for travertine installation in the kitchen settings are endless. These include ceiling, walls, countertops, and floors. It depends on how creative you can get with your design.

  • Exterior

You don’t have to restrict using the travertine tiles to the inside of the house or commercial building only. You can also use it on the outside in areas like the patio, pavements, rooftops, pathways, and decks.


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