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Why You Should Choose Marble For Your Pool Deck

Marble pool decks Tampa

One of the last things people think about when they are having a new pool installed in their backyard is the type of material they will use for their pool deck. However, this is an important decision to consider when you are adding a pool to your home, or if you simply want to update your existing pool deck. When making any decision, many people like to have a list of the pros and cons of each option to help them decide. We have taken care of this for you by compiling our list of the best reasons to choose marble for your pool deck.

Marble Adds Elegance and Beauty

One of the first things you are likely to consider when choosing the material you will use for your pool deck project is how it will look. When completing any home renovation or home improvement project, it is important to consider the aesthetic value the project will add to your home. Marble that is used on pool decks is different from the typical marble tiles used within the home. Pool deck marble is typically made up of soft tumbled marble pavers that are lightly textured rather than the shiny, super polished look of in-home marble tiles. The soft, tumbled texture of the marble will also pull beautiful transitions in color as the sun hits your marble pool deck in different ways.

Marble Adds Coolness Naturally

When you are working on a home improvement project that involves the outside of your home, it is very important to consider how the material will react with the temperature and the environment, especially in the typically hot and humid days experienced in Florida. With our consistently warm temperatures, your pool and pool deck will be sure to see a lot of use, so it not only needs to look beautiful but also needs to be functional. Marble does not absorb heat and will remain cool to the touch of the bare feet walking all around your pool.

Marble Is Long Lasting and Adds Value

One thing that is extremely important when completing any home improvement project is considering the durability of the materials you choose and the overall value the project will add to your home. Marble pavers are extremely durable and capable of withstanding multiple environmental factors, giving you the confidence you need that you will be able to install your pool deck one time and not have to worry about updating it again in the future. And while adding a pool to your home adds value on its own, installing a beautiful, long-lasting marble pool deck to your pool adds even more value.

There Are No Cons

Perhaps one of our favorite reasons for choosing marble to complete your pool deck project is that no matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t come up with any cons to choosing this material for a pool deck project! With all the pros marble has to offer and no cons, we don’t see any reason to choose any other type of material for a pool deck.

If you are installing a new pool deck or updating your existing pool deck, contact the design specialists at Harmony Stone to discuss your marble options today. We will help you find the perfect natural design to complete your pool deck project.  

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