Do you find it difficult to decide the style or materials to use?  Do you want to have everything matched up in an impeccable style? Not sure about grout colors and spacing? Book a free design consultation with us today to speak with one of our natural stone tile and paver experts. We have decades of experience to help you decide on which products will suit the look you are tying to achieve best.

Our natural stone experts are very friendly and dedicated to giving you your desired room design.  They will guide you through our collection of different elegant and eye-catching tiles and pavers, allowing you to get a feel for the look you want to go with and help you to piece different designs together to make a space that is perfect for you.
We have a large variety of tiles and pavers in different shapes, patterns, and finishes – all from our personally owned and operated quarry! Not only will you get high quality designs and long-last durable pieces, you’ll also save with our factory direct pricing! We don’t want you to settle for just anything; we want to offer you something admirable and befitting without breaking the bank.
  • 1- Bring Your Imagination

    Look through our gallery and explore our products to get an idea of how you would like to transform your space. Bring your imagination to our table, we will help you transform it into reality.
  • 2- Samples, Lighting, and Current Color Schemes

    Bring any samples you may have already collected in your process to redesign your space including: paint swatches, countertop, cabinet, or fabric samples. Also, make note of the colors in the space from the walls to the furniture and the amount of natural or artificial lighting it receives.
  • 3- Measurements and Photos

    Take a few pictures of your current space and its measurements. This will help us give you an accurate quote for the tiles and/or pavers you are considering for your project.
  • 4- Homework

    We’ll send you home with samples of our amazing tile and paver pieces so you can find the one that works perfectly for your space. Once you have decided on the perfect tile or paver, come back in and get started transforming your space!