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Mugla White 6×24 Splitface Ledger Stone

Mugla White 6×24 Splitface Ledger Stone

With its wide color options, features and eye-catching beauties, split face stones can be used almost anywhere, regardless of dry-humid, hot-cold. It is mainly applied as a highly preferred coating type on garden walls or building coatings. Apart from this, in and around the shower, on the kitchen countertops, on the dining room wall, in the living room, around the fireplace and window, on the exterior claddings, on the garden walls, on the outdoor coverings such as camellias or stoves, in exotic and fantastic home environments, cafes, restaurants, hotels, Office, meeting rooms, suite hotel rooms, pool walls, TV unit backs, walkways, wet floors, flooring, natural stone countertops, bathroom counter construction, lobby and reception areas, exhibitions, conferences, lecture halls, in short, wherever you want, you can easily go there.

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